Kòkolash revolves around the development of the Electro-Soul concept. Four creators exploring the merge of conventional instruments with computer generated music. Analog and digital sounds producing hip hop beats, jazz inspired harmonies and soulful melodies with one mission: creating new emotions through music.

Kòkolash first single, Enjoy, becomes a widely featured song in many Neo Soul playlists on Spotify and is reviewed by notorious music blogs like Stereofox, allowing the band to be heard in more than 60 countries around the world.

In 2021, the band launches their first Album "Afterall": The creation of a musical universe where Soul, Funk, Jazz and Electronica melt and are reshaped with the help of other artists of the new Barcelona scene.

2022 marks a new era for Kòkolash with the incorporation of Mario deFinis on drums and Annie Red as vocalist and front woman of the band.


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