Kòkolash:  electro-soul spirit 

Kòkolash is a new band from Barcelona with roots in black music. Looking into the mirror of HipHop Jazz but exploring new sonic spaces, mixing analogic instruments with electronic atmospheres.

Their story started when 3 of the members of the band meet in the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona and decide to create a new project of modern music to develop their creativity away from the school. After meeting the electronic music producer Jozz Santos, together they start to explore the mix of analogic instruments with electronic music: Kòkolash ElectroSoul concept was born.

The first single of the band, Enjoy, is featured in many Neo Soul Spotify playlists allowing Kòkolash to reach 1000 monthly listeners. The band received good critics from Spanish and international blogs, such as Stereofox: “A new gorgeous addition to the Barcelona music scene (…) meaningful and complex"

In April 2021, Kòkolash launches their first album "Afterall": The creation of a musical universe where Soul, Funk, Jazz and Electronica melt and are reshaped with the help of other artists of the new Barcelona scene. 

In January 2022, the band gets under the umbrella of Acqustic as part of the Acqustic Hero program and signs an agreement for the release of new music during 2022.

live shows

Kòkolash adapts its live show to the circumstances of the moment: before Covid, the band had the opportunity to perform in popular stages of the Spanish scene such as Moe Club in Madrid or Nau Bostik in Barcelona. During pandemic, Kòkolash has recorded live sessions in their studio in Barcelona, and nowadays the band is active, playing is stages such as Diobar or during outdoors events across Barcelona.


music videos

En Kòkolash se funde lo analógico con lo digital, beats de hip hop con armonías inspiradas por el Jazz y melodías Soul con soporte electrónico que te harán vibrar con ritmos urbanos de una forma que jamás habías escuchado.”

El Mundo de Tulsa

A new gorgeous addition to the Barcelona music scene [...] meaningful and complex, mixing analog and digital sounds and cross-genre the hell out of music.”

Nasko - StereoFox

Kòkolash es una apuesta basada en la multiculturalidad y la innovación musical. Su intención es conseguir hacernos viajar hacia estados nunca transitados por nuestro sistema auditivo con los que esperan que encontremos una nueva alternativa al disfrute habitual de la música.”

Sergio Martínez - Un buen día en Barcelona


Management: Jose Horwat

telephone: +34 637 088 674

email: kokolash.music@gmail.com