Kòkolash, the new band from barcelona, launches their debut album "afterall"

On April 23rd 2021, Kòkolash released their fist album "Afterall": a sonic universe where Soul, Funk, Jazz and Electronica melt and reshape with the help of other artists of Barcelona's new music scene.

Kòkolash is a new band with roots in black music. Looking into the mirror of HipHop Jazz but exploring new sonic spaces, the band mixes analogical instruments with electronic atmospheres.

To celebrate their debut album, and due to Covid restrictions, Kòkolash has prepared an online presentation, completely free, in which through a series of short videos delivered by email, the band explains how the album was prepared, the band origins, influences and collaborations. For more info, follow the link:


Enjoy was the first single of the band, and it is featured in many Neo Soul Spotify playlists, allowing Kòkolash to reach 1000 monthly listeners. The album is completed with other 5 songs with themes around the contrasts of living in the city, with a mix of frenetic funk with chill, soulful vibes (Ahà), personal growth and overcoming fears (Mud, Backwards), or even the exploration of psychedelic sounds with trip-hop grooves (Maze). 



Management: Jose Horwat

telephone: +34 637 088 674

email: kokolash.music@gmail.com